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Network cable connection?

Network cable is widely used in home decoration, cabling, installation of security engineering professional fields. Applicable Modem (cat), switches, routers, laptops, computers, smart TV, cable players, network set-top boxes, network DVD, network cameras, network video recorders and other equipment, such as a hard disk。

There are two kinds of network cable connection, T568A and T568B. Figure 1 below standard

"Xu Feng line" network, there are two lines, one of cartons or rolls can pick their own network cable crystal head; the second is forming a good crystal head jumper finished network.

General network line is divided into the following categories:

1, UTP CAT5: 5 UTP network cable

2, UTP CAT5E: Category 5 unshielded network cable

3, UTP CAT6: 6 UTP network cable

4, STP CAT5E: single foil shielded Cat5e network cable

5, SFTP CAT5: 5 class foil + braid double shielded shielded network cable

6, SFTP CAT5E: aluminum foil + Cat5e network cable knit double shielded

7, HSYV CAT5: 5 unshielded outdoor water blocking cable network

8, HSYV CAT5E: Category 5 unshielded outdoor water blocking cable network

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